Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Tie Them Together NOT to share Subscriber information with ANY 3rd parties.

Its is also our policy to send NO unsolicited emails to our subscribers with the exception of notification when trial or subscription period is ending.

Tie Them Together will make NOT post to or correspond with any entity on Twitter or Facebook without your explicity consent.

Application Subscribers

Application Subscribers are those who subscribe to our services to make their event is available to Application Users.  Because they may invite friends to an event and manage friend lists, Application User policy outlined below applies to Application Subscribers while they are usingTie Them Together to invite friends to and event and manage friend lists.

Tie Them Together stores the general Subscriber Facebook information: ID, Facebook user name, default profile picture for purpose of "signing in" to our application. We also store the Subscriber's email address and first/last names and contact information. We store your events: name, dates/times, description, and event picture. We store your news/blog entries and related pictures.

Any Subscriber payment information is stored and handled via PayPal.

Tie Them Together Free Application Users

Tie Them Together Free is a Facebook app that allows you and your friends to easily invite their friends to events.

We store NO friend list information. We store NO friend information, including friend locations. Tie Them Together will temporarily access Facebook friends and, if available, their locations (ie; current city). We display this information to you for purposes of managing friend lists and inviting friends to an event.

Information is available to no one other than the current User while he/she is inviting friends or managing friends.

Only friends explicitly selected by the User are invited to an event.

Tie Them Together Free will send no unsolicited correspondence to Users and no correspondence whatsoever to User friends.

Contact us with any questions regarding our policies.

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