What our clients are saying about Tie Them Together:

"I have a 'store' page, a personal page, and a 'community' page on Facebook and three Twitter accounts. Tie Them Together lets me post to all of them in seconds; and I can keep track of when and to where I've posted at a glance!"

-Haley • NY

"I was spending up to 10 hours a week posting gigs to our website and Facebook and then inviting Facebook friends. Tie Them Together cut that down to two."

-James • Los Angeles, CA

"The Event Copy feature is priceless. We perform at many of the same venues regularly. Now I just copy the event and invite the same friends I invited last time and it only takes a minute."

-Keith • Santa Maria, CA

"Wow! This is really great."

-Annette • Los Angeles, CA

"It's the internet equivalent of duct tape for bands."

-Kris • Rockford, IL

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