Tie Them Together starts at $48 per year. Payments are processed safely and securely with PayPal™ (no PayPal account necessary if you simply wish to pay by credit card)

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Yearly Subscription - $4 / Month

A one-year subscription to Tie Them Together for $48.

Monthly Subscription - $5.50 / Month

A  month-to-month subscription to Tie Them Together.


Setting up your social media with Tie Them Together is as easy as a few mouse-clicks.

Integrating Tie Them Together into your website involves adding 3-4 lines of code (javascript) to each web page(s) you wish to use with Tie Them Together. Instructions and code are provided when you add your web page to Tie Them Together.

For users who don't know HTML or who don't have a web designer who can add the lines of code to their site, we offer a setup service starting at $60. Prices vary depending on the type of site you use and availability of required information to complete the integration.

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