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Use Tie Them Together to keep your news/blog posts in order from one convenient location.

Create & Update

Enter your news/blog posts into Tie Them Together. Tie Them Together lets you easily view a summary of your posts and the social media pages they were added to.

Import From Instagram

Import posts from Instagram for use on your website and social media pages.

Post To Your Website & Social Media

From one convenient screen:

Add your posts to your website.

Add your posts to your Facebook.

Tweet about your post.

Add your post to your Tumblr blog.


Schedule posts to your website and social media up to two weeks in advance and Tie Them Together will take care of the rest.

Multiple Accounts

Use multiple Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts. Post to one or all of your accounts simultaneously.

Sample Screen - Create a Post

Sample Screen - Add your Post to your Website(s) and Social Media

Sample Screen - Review Posts

Easily review your posts and to which websites and social media they were posted.

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