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Add news/blog posts to your Facebook wall as a "text only" comment, a picture (with text), or as a link to your web page or Tumblr blog.

Add calendar events and easily invite your Facebook friends (see "Your Calendar On Facebook" below)..


Schedule posts to your Facebook pages up to two weeks in advance and let Tie Them Together take care of the rest.

Multiple Accounts

Use can use multiple Facebook accounts with Tie Them Together to add events and posts to your personal pages and any company pages you may administrate.

Sample Screen - Add a Post to Facebook

Your Calendar On Facebook

We offer a range of tools for working with the events on Facebook:

Copy Previous Events and Invite Friends

Copy Events / Invite Friends

Don't recreate recurring events and go through the process of inviting all of your friends. Tie Them Together can painlessly copy and past event to a new date/time and invite the same friends you previously invited to the event.

Invite Friends from Facebook Friendlists

Invite Friends from
Friend Lists

With 3 clicks you can invite all of your friends on a friend list to an upcoming event.

Invite Friends by Distance

Invite Friends by Distance

Invite friends to an upcoming event by their proximity to the event. For example, you can invite your friends that are within 20 miles of an event.

Organize Friend Lists

Manage Friend Lists

Keeping friends organized in Facebook can be a daunting task. Tie Them Together provides an easy-to-use utility for managing Facebook Friend Lists.

Sample Screen - Invite Friends to an Event:

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*Tie Them Together does not post to Instagram. We can retrieve posts from your Instagram account for use with your website and social media pages.

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