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Use Tie Them Together to keep your schedule of events in order from one convenient location.

Create & Update

Enter your calendar into Tie Them Together. Tie Them Together lets you easily view a summary of your events and the social media pages they were added to.

Import From Facebook

If you created a calendar event on Facebook and you want to display it on your website, Tie Them Together can import calendar events from your Facebook personal page and from the Facebook pages you administrate (ie; your company page). The events will then be displayed on your website calendar.

Add To Your Website & Social Media

From one convenient screen:

Add your events to your website.

Add your events to your Facebook.

Tweet about your events.


Don't waste time re-entering information every time you hold an event at the same venue. Tie Them Together lets you easily copy events on your calendar to another date.

If you added the event to Facebook, Tie Them Together can invite the same friends you previously invited to the newly created event.

Sample Screen - Create an Event

Sample Screen - Add an Event to your Website(s) and Social Media

Sample Screen - Review Events:

Easily review your events and to which websites and social media they were posted.

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